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Survey Says!

Jeremy Adams - Family Feud

Name the top five Atlanta CRE people who have competed on  The Family Feud. If you answered Transwestern's  Jeremy Adams, you'd hit the  No. 1 answer. The Adams family—Tony, Chris, Bernice, Jenni and Jeremy—competed on the famous game show (hosted by Steve Harvey), which aired July 4 (you can watch clips here). Jeremy and family made it to the fifth and final round. Steve asked Jeremy: "When a husband accompanies his wife shopping, his job is to what, Jeremy?" Jeremy: "Carry the bags."
Jeremy Engaged
Also, Jeremy is getting married this weekend. We got an engagement photo of Jeremy and his fiance Brittni Collins. Transwestern officials were mum on the location of the wedding, but we suspect he'll be carrying her luggage around on the honeymoon. Wish them the best.
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