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Rubenstein Partners is re-evaluating its ?leasing strategies? at The Terraces on the heels of two major HQ captures.
rubenstein terraces rbs lease reevaluation popeyes ventyx loan
We don't have many specifics yet, but Rubenstein's David Canadaytells us in a statement that ?recently, we have found it necessary tore-evalute the leasing strategies that are currently prudent for us at The Terraces.? Sources say Rubenstein is not currently pursuing tenants for Terraces until the evaluation is done. David did say thisdoesn't affect other Rubenstein buildings in Central Perimeter, including 56, 64, and 66 Perimeter Center East and Sterling Pointe. Recently, Rubenstein—which has a more than $165M loan on the two-building complex with RBS Capital—lured both the HQs forPopeyes and tech company Ventyx. According to Databank, the loan was supposed to mature last year but had the option to extend through Sept. 1, 2012. David declined to comment on the loan's current status. ?We are completing the recently closed leasing transactions and operating The Terraces in its normal, first-class fashion,? the statement continues.