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Not too long ago, The Mall at 82 Peachtree had a mugging a day. Yesterday, Atlanta City Councilman Kwanza Hall and nearly 20 dignitaries had lunch in the offices above the mall unmolested.
Kwanza Hall Atlanta City Councilman Colliers International Charles Swain 82 Peachtree
Colliers International hosted a lunch commemorating the ?clean up? of 82 Peachtree, months after the firm took over the managementand leasing responsibilities of the downtown address for Wells Fargo, which foreclosed on the property last year from controversial fomer Georgia congressman Pat Swindall (we'll save that angle of the story for another time). Colliers' Charles Swain (the Prez of Colliers' management division) spoke during the luncheon, and Kwanza hailed the clean up of 82 Peachtree as part of the changing landscape of downtown. ?We're going to see this part of downtown truly different,? Kwanza told the group. 
82 Peachtree Street Wells Fargo
Here's the property, just south of Underground Atlanta. Charles tells us that Colliers coordinated with the Atlanta Police Department and its security firm Secure America to both clean up the crime problemin and around the mall, and oust retailers who were operating without a business license. That ended up being 25 retailers who were told to pack up and leave. The remaining tenants in the 25k SF of retail space signed new leases.
Charles Swain Colliers International 82 Peachtree
Charles also showed us the two floors of now empty office space above the mall, totaling 80k SF. Colliers—with Wells Fargo's blessing—is about to begin a marketing push on the space, focusing ongovernmental use, schools, and even professional service firms, especially law firms that need proximity to the Fulton County courthouse, Charles says.