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Meet Our Sponsor: DeKalb Office

Meet Our Sponsor:  DeKalb Office
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Everyone from private practitioners looking for new or upgraded office furnishings to large public and private hospitals can benefit from DeKalb Office, says Jena Underwood, director of healthcare sales. "We have a team of experienced people that really understands and consults with healthcare professionals to maximize the efficiency of their spaces." DeKalb Office's healthcare focus can be broken down into three areas: acute care, outpatient, and long-term care. In these areas, DeKalb Office has made it priority No. 1 to understand not only the practice area, and what's going to happen in those spaces, but the needs of the patients. Plus, in tough times, understanding financial constraints has been key, Jena tells us. Learn more about DeKalb Office as a sponsor of Bisnow'sHealthcare RE Summit next Wednesday (sign up now!) and find more info on the company here.
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