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Majority Against State Bankrolling Falcons' Stadium

Majority Against State Bankrolling Falcons' Stadium


We asked if you supported the use of state funds to help finance the multi-billion dollar new stadium in Vine City. The anti-public funding mood wasn'toverwhelming but still won the day. 94 of you said no, versus 70 yes.


So far, officials propose using the City of Atlantas hotel/motel tax monies for funding. But even that has some of our respondents feeling our priorities are misaligned. Here are some of the comments:

I dont think you can make a case to spend money on [the Falcons] when you have the transportation issues and the education issues our state faces."

"No real need for a new stadium. If it's really money for economic development, find a better way."

"I do not believe in public funding for private facilities."

"They can modify the existing Dome at far less expense."


Colliers Internationals Matt Wirth sides with the supporters of public funding, especially the use of the hotel/motel tax, because a new stadium would fuel significant growth in our extremely important hospitality industry. As part of this project, the City of Atlanta needs to start paying more attention to Vine City and the neighborhoods around the Atlanta University Center, Matt tells us. Another comment emphasized the financial arrangement: "No one's state or property taxes will be used to pay for this, so it is a false argument. I bet the city or state will have no problem selling the bonds."