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City Commercial Real Estate's Griff Sims; Laura Zschach with Bodker, Ramsey, Andrews, Winograd & Wildstein; Litigation Presentation's Heather Craig, Danzig Wyland, Jil Wyland; Regions Financial Corp's Eric Wilson; and NAI Brannen Goddard's Ryan Doyle Village Place Brookhaven

Perhaps they can make a visual representation of the post mortem on this deal. Litigation Presentation has purchased a 4,300 SF office condo  unit at Village Place in Brookhaven, the last remaining significant office condo in the property. Litigation Presentation makes visual presentations for trials. This pic of City Commercial Real Estate's  Griff Sims, Bodker, Ramsey's Laura Zschach, Litigation Presentation's Heather Craig, Danzig Wyland, and  Jil Wyland, Regions Financial Corp's Eric Wilson, and NAI Brannen Goddard's Ryan Doyle is from the closing ceremonies.