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Josh and the ol' GTO

Josh and the ol' GTO

64 vette

Multi Housing Advisors' Josh Goldfarb sent us a pic of his  newly restored 1964 Corvette that took him seven years to finish. A "labor of love," he says. "This era of 'Vette was the  best America ever produced. The confluence of art and performance." He and a mechanic, who does much of the elbow work, found the Chevy 'Vette seven years ago in Acworth. The duo brought the car back to both its original color and factory condition.
67 gto
Now, Josh has a  new project— a 1967 Pontiac GTO bought from an owner who had it stored in a North Georgia  field for 15 years. The car, while weather-worn, still had original title  and  paperwork in the glove box (complete with a Protect-O-Plate, so be amazed, all you gear heads) and an  eight-track player for the stereo. "My mechanic looks over the thing and most of it was dirt, not rust. My mechanic called me and said, 'This thing's worth a fortun e.'"
goldfarb matt wittekeind
"I'm kind of a boring guy because I work all the time. So this brings excitement to my life," says the managing director for the apartment brokerage firm (with partner Matt Wittekiend

, who literally fights the work blues by wearing a tan jacket). So what's next after the GTO? "I would venture to say that probably the latest car I would buy would be the Trans Am that Burt Reynolds had in Smokey and the Bandit."