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ohns Hopkins Carey Business School?s Edward St. John Real Estate Program, according to the program?s director, Mike Anikeeff (left, with students at an EBDI tour)
BALTIMORE—Somehow international enrollment is creeping up at Johns Hopkins Carey Business School?s Edward St. John Real Estate Program, according to program director Mike Anikeeff (left, with students at an East Baltimore Development Initiative tour). And his colleagues have noticed it in other university disciplines, too. Of 21 students in the one-year, full-time MSRE track, 12 are from overseas—10 from China, one from Vietnam, and one from Pakistan. Mike says his program hasn?t done any hefty recruiting (though JHU does have an exchange center in Nanjing outside Shanghai), so the boost is a little bewildering. (Maybe celebrities are promoting it on Twitter without telling him.) But since they're here, the JHU real estate program is helping them make the most of their one-year visas by offering to fast-track a second master?s (in finance), which would normally take another year. Meanwhile, Mike?s Baltimore-based program just two weeks ago launched a full-time MSRE in DC with 31 students, headed by Dan Kohlhepp.