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IDI Georgia Special Olympics Mika Motes, Feven Teckie, Angela Blair, Mary Howell, Charlotte Robinson and Virga Thoreson. And in the back row we have Wilma Parkwer, Ginger Helton, Jennifer Veal, Gracie Brown, Denise LeGree, Jennifer Sankey, Debra Duggan, Kelly Ruiz and Jane Prescott.
Now we know where to go when we need a few hundred sweaters. Last month, IDI's Virga Thoreson (far right, front row) heard that the Georgia Special Olympics  was seeking 1,500 red and white scarves  to be given out to participants during its State Indoor Winter Games. Virga already participated in a knitting circle at IDI during lunch times. So gathering the strength of all her co-workers, 31 scarves  were made and donated to the Special Olympics. The IDI employees can be seen here with the products of their labor. Front row: Mika Motes, Feven Teckie, Angela Blair, Mary Howell,Charlotte Robinson  and  Virga. Back row: Wilma Parkwer, Ginger Helton, Jennifer Veal, Gracie Brown, Denise LeGree, Jennifer SankeyDebra DugganKelly Ruiz, and  Jane Prescott.