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cresapartners kevin creel agilysys hq 1000 windward villa christina corenet global atlanta
Last week, we chatted with CresaPartners' Kevin Creel, who says Agilysys has finally selected 1000 Windward for its Atlanta HQ. Kevin was one of a few dozen CRE pros at CoreNet Global's Atlanta chapter event at Villa Christina in Perimeter on Thursday. Earlier this year, the hospitality software maker announced plans to move its HQ from Ohio to the A-Town. After considering Las Vegas and Greenville, the company chose here for 13k SF.
baker barrios architects diana simaan kessler pope land jackie gauthreaux jones lang lasalle anna ford corenet Atlanta global villa christina roberts properties apartments sandy springs
Baker Barrios Architects' Diana Simaan Kessler, Pope & Land'sJackie Gauthreaux, and Jones Lang LaSalle's Anna Ford. Diana tells us her firm just was awarded a job to design a $28M apartment project in Sandy Springs. Roberts Properties plans to develop a 216-unit ?resort-style living? multifamily complex in the Central Perimeter area. It's expected to break ground next year and deliver in 2013.
leo wells pure office environments atlanta falcons villa christina furniture corenet global atlanta
Chip off the old block? Yes. And no. Unlike his father, this Leo Wellsdoesn't buy and sell real estate. Instead Leo, who we also met at the CoreNet event last week, is owner of Pure Office Environments, anoffice furniture retailer. Leo began his company a little more than a year ago and already he's helped decorate the Atlanta Falcons' offices at training camp and supplied furniture to Univision. ?My sense is [tenants] are getting a god amount of TI for furniture,? Leo says.