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Allison Jennifer Jeff Maggie Shaw breast cancer survivor
This was no joke: On April 1, Jennifer Shaw was diagnosed with breast cancer. For Jennifer, her husband Jeff (of Jackson Oats Shaw) and daughters Allison and Maggie, it was a sobering moment. Now, it's thankfully history as well. Jennifer just completed her ninth major operation  this week to reconstruct her breasts after a double mastectomy and chemo to rid her body of the cancer nightmare. ?It really has been a group effort,? Jennifer tells Bisnow. Jeff remembers the strugglesfears and doubts during those first few weeks. ?It's totally out of your control. As a husband, you want to be able to help your family when they need help and to fix things, 'cause that's what guys do,? he says. ?It truly sinks in, when you are basically admitted into Cancerland against your will and the realization that it's going to be a long process, months and months, rather than a quick fix.? Jennifer has a  clean bill of health now, and the family celebrated with a recent trip to the Bahamas. In honor of Jennifer and all cancer survivors, Jackson Oats Shaw is  lighting Centennial Tower  pink throughout the month of October.