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(Good) Friday at the Beach

(Good) Friday at the Beach
Bisnow headed south for spring break—and managed to find news in Savannah and Tybee Island. Turns out the economy?s bad at the coast, too, but there are still fascinating sights and fun parties. Come along.
(Good) Friday at the Beach

We had to check the status of Savannah River Landing, the proposed 54-acre mixed-use  development rendered above and once touted as ?the first major extension of downtown Savannah in 150 years.? A billboard on the property claimed businesses could ?Move Here in 2010.? Developer Ambling planned to add two hotels, class A office, luxury retail and riverfront estates to the property that housed barns for horses that pull carriages full of tourists through the Historic District.

(Good) Friday at the Beach

Yesterday  we snapped this reality. The site is desolate and initial progress stymied, literally overgrown with weeds. A solo crane sits idle. A quick search of the property found no ?Information Office? and little of anything else. The Savannah River Landing website is down except for a placeholder page urging interested parties to call Tampa-based real estate advisory/investment group Morrison Grove Capital. We rang Morrison, but they aren't talking. We also tried the phone number on the sign, but it's been disconnected. We reached out to Ambling, and they referred us back to Morrison. Sigh. Another sign of the times.

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