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For Cushman & Wakefield's Andy Ghertner, it doesn't matter if it rains or freezes. As long as he's got his  plastic Jesus. On his office desk. Along with a lot of other knicknacks and trinkets and collectables that a  true veteran  of Atlanta's CRE industry will accumulate over time.
plastic jesus andrew andy ghertner office 55 ivan allen plaza
We weren't kidding. Here's the religious figurine on his desk (we didn't ask him what's on his car's dashboard). We sat down last week with Andy to chat about the industry and the many changes he's seen over his 35-year career. But let's start it off with some news: Andy (along with Peyton Wimberly  and John O'Neill) recently hit the street for their latest client, Burr Forman, which is scouting Midtown office buildings for up to 50k SF,  possibly leaving 171 17th St at Atlantic Station.
andy ghertner cushman wakefield 55 ivan allen plaza bill bugg john coppage art mcwilliams adair paris russia kelloggs
Even at 68, Andy is still among the  top producers  in the city, working such notable clients as Alston & Bird, GE Financial, Gensler, and Ernst & Young. Andy was one of the  original founders of the C&W Atlanta office, brought aboard when the firm entered the market along with other industry vets like Bill Bugg, John Coppedge,  and  Art McWilliams (who had formed their own firm after leaving Adair Realty when it was acquired by Ackerman & Co). That led Andy to do a lot of work outside of Atlanta, with his referral network still taking him worldwide even today. Most recently, he helped  Kellogg's  dispose of property in Russia, lease an office in Paris, and expand a warehouse in Spain. (Europeans love Frosted Mini Wheats. Now you know.)
carla williams andy ghertner cushman wakefield 55 allen plaza relationship guy retire
Is Andy ready to retire? We had to bleep part of his answer before ?not even thinking about it... I'm 68, I'm still having fun. I have a great partner in  Carla Williams (above). I don't plan to stop doing this,? he says. But there is a catch, given that being a CRE broker is really about fostering and maintaining relationships. ?The evolution of my business is  I'm a relationship guy,  and over time your relationships retire, die, move jobs. I don't begrudge any of this,? Andy says. ?But everytime I think my business is going to dry up, something comes in over the transom.?