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Georgia Aquarium
Central Atlanta Progress? A.J. Robinson  says the impact of the Georgia Aquarium (open now for five years) has been huge. From encouraging Coca-Cola to move its World of Coke museum closer to the aquatic attraction, to encouraging millions of visitors to spend the day in the area, A.J. says the Georgia Aquarium ?has given us a position of exposure and visibility that we didn't have before.? Robinson?s reflection comes as Bernie Marcus has been tapped as keynote speaker for the eighth annual 2010 Downtown Development Day, Nov. 4. Bernie is the visionary and funding muscle behind the Aquarium, which is about to open its $110M dolphin exhibit. This year?s development day is being put on by CAP and CREW Atlanta. Bernie will focus on the aquarium?s economic impact on downtown, according to CAP officials. It's hard to quantify the economic impact the fish had on downtown, but clearly it's huge, having helped spur a redevelopment boom in the area that has only now begun to slow. A.J. says, ?Most importantly is it has reacquainted people with downtown and the Olympic park.?