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Dude Ranches and Popemobiles

Dude Ranches and Popemobiles

Montana 2013 168

Some went to beaches. Some went hiking. And others, well, you'll see. This week, we'll highlight your various summer excursions. First, Magalis Commercial Properties' David Danhof, PM Realty's Anne Danhof, and Richard Bowers & Associates' Grahame Wood joined a bunch of other Wood family members for a family reunion at the E/L Ranch (as in "dude ranch") in Montana. The trio got into horseback riding, fishing, shooting, and even softball— given the unfortunate absence of the Atlanta broker softball league this year.
IDI's Linda Booker, here with her husband Chris and daughter Anne Clare, made their way to Rome and the Vatican for their summer trip. Unfortunately, the pontiff was touring Brazil, so no Popemobile sightings this go-around.