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We also had a cup of Joe with Michael Starling, the City of Dunwoody's economic development director, at the city's offices in 41 Perimeter Center East. He's awaiting major economic development  wins for the city, although he declined to say what they were. As we previously reported, Dunwoody could potentially gain some HQs from other municipalities, including Popeye's at Barry Real Estate's The Terraces, which is right within the city's confines. He's also working on a couple of potential  out-of-state regional HQ's that could go to Dunwoody, each potentially using around 150k SF  of office, which would be a big boost considering office landlords in the city still have more than 300k SF of empty office space, he says. Dunwoody hasn't standardized any  incentive packages to lure companies into its fold, but Michael says there's plenty there, including tax incentives.
2b apartments pvc pipe farm dunwoody city park
A big economic development potential project for Dunwoody is the fate of this PVC pipe farm that was supposed to be a condo complex (a victim of the economic crash). Dunwoody is moving forward to  buy the 16 acres. But what it will become remains unclear, Michael says. The city will make a portion of it into a park, but some city politicos have also floated the idea of creating a mixed-use government complex there, potentially partnering with a private developer. Although with a 10-year lease in play at 41 Perimeter Center, this is still a distant plan. ?What we want to do is close on it, clean the site up, clean all the PVC up out of the ground, and pretty much have the flexibility to do what we want,? he says. ?I think long term, Dunwoody is going to have a City Hall though.?