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Celebrity Lookalike: Chris Schroder Sees Fire And Rain

WASHINGTON DC 05.08.2017


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Celebrity Lookalike: Chris Schroder Sees Fire And Rain

schroder taylor

James Taylor's  own brother thought he saw the famed songwriter in Atlanta PR Don Chris Schroder. Chris tells us he's  frequently confused with the singer, even by  Livingston Taylor.
schroder taylor2
While Chris was working at The Charlotte Observer, he attended a Livington concert, and met the singer backstage. Chris says he told Livingston "Hey, it's kind of funny, but people tell me all the time I look like your brother." Livingston replied, "I know. You freaked me out when you first walked in. I thought it was him." Much of his life, Chris could have stood in for James Taylor—except Chris can't sing.