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Brookdale Closes On Galleria 300

Brookdale Closes On Galleria 300

When everyone else went to sleep, one-man shoemaker's elf Todd Fierman  stayed up planning the development of a high-end townhouse project in Midtown.

That night job—Fierman Development (by day he's with First Fidelity Mortgage)—is picking up after  he bought a parcel  off of Piedmont Road near 10th Street. He plans to develop 975 at The Park, a multi-level townhouse project. He recently tapped Cablik Enterprises' Alan Cablik to develop it.
Since 2007, when Todd purchased a home for tear-down and redevelopment in Candler Park, he's been steadily building in-town single-family digs, even through the recession, for higher-end clientele. And there's not a lot of for-sale housing inventory out there. Now comes the first venture into cluster homes, which  will start in the $700k range, he says. With construction financing obtained, the project is scheduled to deliver late 2014. Til then, look for Todd in your GChat window at 3am.)
WASHINGTON DC 03.09.2017


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