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Ackerman & Co. Frank Farrell, Chadd Evans Pat Chesser 10 Glenlake
We got a picture of the Three Musketeers—Ackerman & Co's Frank Farrell, Chadd Evans, and Patrick Chesser—who braved the snow and ice to show up for work yesterday at their 10 Glenlake office. Ackerman's Kris Miller tells us the company's office portfolio was ?open for business? since most of its tenants were sending a few people to work. This included putting building engineers up in local hotels in case problems arose. In fact, one employee, Jimmy Halford, drove in Sunday to Premier Plaza and slept in a sleeping bag in the management office, Kris says.
Ben Carter Sharon Altenbach vinings home Buckhead Plaza
As the full impact of snow—mounting in inches not seen in metro Atlanta in decades—was realized, more and more businesses closed. Yet many Atlanta office buildings stayed open to allow for tenants to report to work as needed including Two Buckhead Plaza, which had about 35 people in the building, Ben Carter's Sharon Altenbach tells us. Above, Sharon poses in the backyard of herVinings home. She didn't do a polar bear and try swimming in the sub-freezing temps. If anything, she attempted to not slip on the iceinto the pool, she says.
Chris Ahrenkiel Tishman Speyer Alliance Center Reznick Group Two
Tishman Speyer's Chris Ahrenkiel took a self portrait at the entrance to Two Alliance Center where he walked to work from his high-rise home in Buckhead. Clearly, Chris will never be accused of being an undedicated employee. He also has something to smile about, having just completed a deal with Reznick Group for 70K SFat the Buckhead tower.
Melisa Trifiro Mace Macro
And finally, Melissa Trifiro with Mace Macro sent us this of herself all bundled up, ready to brave the elements. Mace recently was voted the top preferred project manager in Building Design's World Architecture Top 100. The firm also was featured in the December issue of the magazine.