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co-owners Zach Kell and Seth Hendricks at new Virginia-Highlands eatery Goin? Coastal
Also last night, we snapped co-owners Zach Kell  and Seth Hendricks at new Virginia-Highlands eatery Goin? Coastal during their grand opening party. This is the third restaurant for the pair; the other locations are in Canton. We asked Seth about opening in a bad economy, and he said the key is waiting for the perfect location. If the economy is booming, you can probably settle for a B or C location and still make money— but not now. The silver lining of the economy is it's easier to find that prime location, and construction costs for build-out are lower, he tells us.
Shrimp at Goin' Coastal
And here are the real stars. The grand opening doubled as a fundraiser for the Gulf Relief Foundation. Goin? Coastal, which opens for business today, is 2.3k SF and the hook is ?sustainable seafood.? Seth said the oil spill hasn?t affected prices  too much for the high-end, sustainable seafood. Also, he and Zach have always sourced a lot from the Northeast and Alaska, so they haven?t felt too acute pain. And now that Bristol and Levi are back together, these shrimp are heartache-free, as well.