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Atlanta Doesn’t Make the List (Thankfully)

WASHINGTON DC 03.23.2017


An In-Depth Look at the Drivers of One of DC's Hottest Quadrants

Bruce Baschuk -- J Street Companies
Bryant Foulger -- Foulger-Pratt
Adrian Washington -- Neighborhood Development Company
Atlanta Doesn’t Make the List (Thankfully)
Atlanta Doesn’t Make the List (Thankfully)

Metro Atlanta has dropped off a list that no region wants to be on—the top 15 for corporate bankruptcies. Atlanta-based Equifax released its stats for the fourth quarter of '09. While Atlanta improved its ranking compared to the third quarter, California remained in bad shape—with seven of the 15 metro areas on the list. The largest number of corporate bankruptcy filings were in the Los Angeles, Riverside/San Bernardino, and Sacramento metro areas. How?s the country looking overall? Not too hot. Total commercial bankruptcies rose from 77,638 in 2008 to 117,659 in 2009.

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