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Famed Atlanta developer Jim Jacoby has made peace with Atlantic Station co-owner AIG.
Atlantic Station AIG Jacoby Jim John Whitaker
We swung by Atlanta's mini city to grab this pic. Sources tell us Jacoby Development and AIG Global Real Estate have come to an amicable agreement. Details of the settlement were undisclosed. Jim originally sued his partner, AIG and AIG's John Whitaker, for an alleged plot to squeeze down his ownership interest in 201 17th Street. And, among the other allegations, AIG had executed a buyout of Jacoby in the partnership for any ownership interest in 217 17th Street, which Jacoby claimed directly competed for leasing with 201 17th Street. AIG and Jacoby declined to comment on the settlement. But given that both parties are  officed a floor apart in the Wells Fargo tower at 171 17th Street, the lawsuit might've made for a few interesting months.