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nicole rick lackey cbre real professional network
CBRE's  Nicole Lackey grew up in a real estate family (everything from apartments to contractors and investors). But Nicole credits her dad, REAL Professionals Network's Rick Lackey, who ?was the most influential in my decision to pursue this busniess.? After college, she shadowed her dad at work and ?watched firsthand how he takes the time to really get to  know an individual.? She tells us she's incredibly "thankful to have him as a role model in life and mentor" in her career.
cbre elliott grand brittany martin brooke gothard leigh martin jonny howard uberprints piedmont center
We're still all in the family on this deal. Above, CBRE's  Elliott Grand,'s CEO Brittany Martin, CBRE's Brooke Gothard, and Uberprints' Jonny Howard inking a final deal for the two companies to share space at Piedmont Center. Brittany and Brooke are daughers of CBRE legend  Leigh Martin, and Elliott is their cousin.