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We tell stories about people, as humanizing business is our passion.

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We value your time more than Trump values publicity.
Our news is brief and our events return you to the office by 10AM.


Like the scoop from your next-door neighbor, our scoop is localized to your market and its surrounding neighborhoods.

People love photos

So that you can connect names to faces, our content is picture heavy.

Funny Business

Have we told you we like humor?

What can a trade publication do to make the industry more fun, not to mention stand out from competitors? Two words: jet packs.

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The Team

Catie Dixon

Managing Editor, Central U.S.

Catie dares you to sum her up any one way except perhaps eclectic. As a military brat, she was not born or raised anywhere. She started her Psychology degree in Okinawa, Japan, with plans to become a social worker, and finished it at Rice University with a job as a bartender and aspirations of becoming an editor. But now she's lived in Texas longer than most other places combined, so she considers herself a native. Catie's got a loving husband, sassy stepdaughter, three dogs (all lab mixes--that's a lot of chewing), and is partial owner of a BBQ joint outside of Austin. Stop on by, y'all, and bring your breaking news with you.

Lauren Geelard

Event Coordinator, Midwest

Lauren began her foray in the events industry by owning a production company that specialized in musical talent and audio visuals where she often produced upwards of 8-10 events per week. Not wanting to be tied to the ever-increasing financial challenges of equipment repairs, transportation logistics and high warehousing fees, she decided to switch her focus to just the human side, and now focuses solely on her expertise in event project management. Working with Bisnow affords has been a wonderful way to hone her skills and passion together. When Lauren isn't working events, she can be found planning her next trip to a warm climate (Chicago winters are waaaay too long!) and enjoys staying active.

Ben Paltiel

Custom Content Writer

Ben hails from the one true home of east coast pizza, New Haven, Connecticut. After a brief stint working in PR in Chicago, he’s back to doing what he does best: writing. At Yale, Ben sang with the world-famous Whiffenpoofs, and the less world-famous but equally ridiculous-sounding Spizzwinks(?). You could ask him about the time that he walked from Georgia to Maine, but he probably already brought it up.

Maddy Costello

Delivery Account Manager

A Chitown native who made her way to the Big Apple shortly after graduating from Florida State University. She traded in her sorority t-shirts and seminole war chants for 10 layers of clothing and over-priced drinks. You can now find her crammed into a 1 bedroom, 1 bathroom with her 2 friends. At the end of her sophomore year, Maddy studied abroad in Valencia, Spain where her love for food became real. When she’s not yelping about restaurants, you can find her binge watching scary movies, traveling or engaging in her online shopping addiction. After her short time as a recruiter, Maddy decided to combine her interest for real estate and organization to take on an Account Management position at Bisnow.

Yuliana Gorodetsky

VP, Finance

Yuliana originally from Kiev, Ukraine, moved to New York to explore the most captivating city in the world and adopt its insane lifestyle. She earned an MS in Accounting degree from Lubin School of Business, Pace University and received a CPA license. Her working career includes many exciting years at various media, entertainment, and fine arts businesses. Despite already taking a big leap of faith moving from Eastern Europe to America, Yuliana is still a passionate traveler. Her favorite thing to do is to explore history, culture and traditions of other countries and nations.

Lauren Popp

Director, Ad Operations

Lauren grew up in the vast desert of Georgia before settling into the jagged valleys of active volcanoes of Tennessee. (We’re pretty bad at topography so that might be slightly inaccurate.) At Bisnow, Lauren keeps the ship running for editorial and advertising, all while raising three kids and a chocolate labrador. (When asked who is more demanding, us or the children, she answered, “No comment.”)  We’re so glad she puts up with us, because we would be completely lost without her!

Bisnow has spent the last eight years putting humor and fun at the core of its b-to-b media model - and has grown rapidly.

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