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Who's Using Treadmill Desks?

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Standing desks and exercise ball chairs are so last month. Here's the latest trend in law firm offices

From taking a look at former Arent Fox litigation head Jay Hulme's desk, you'd never know what lies beneath: a treadmill. He had this wooden desk custom-designed by SPI Design in Alexandria to raise up to chest height with the touch of a button. From there, he works on everything from an amicus in the Supreme Court Riley case about warrantless cellphone searches (argued in April) to a high-profile antitrust dispute that tests DC courts' jurisdiction.

Kane Co (40Years) MLEGAL

Jay demonstrated his desk in action (and let us try it out) in his corner office—he logs three to four miles a day. His speed is usually around 1.5 miles an hour, which lets him comfortably type and read his computer monitor. The treadmill is specially designed for office use, so it's made to minimize sound and go up to 4MPH. The same company also makes stationary bike desks.

Next door is litigation partner Jackson Toof, who picked up this treadmill desk a few months ago after long days representing the unsecured creditors' committee in the largest Chapter 11 bankruptcy filing in '13 had him sitting for six-hour stretches. (He also has to condition to keep up with four sons under seven years old.) It's from Gym Source in Falls Church. Now, he gets in more than 10,000 steps per day. 

Cardinal (Deposit2) LEGAL

Belafonte and MoFo Celebrate 50

Morrison & Foerster celebrated the 50th anniversary of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 recently with a star singer and civil rights activist: Harry Belafonte. He's flanked here by New York managing partner Brett Miller and firm chair Larren Nashelsky

Harry spoke about the loss of his friend and fellow activist Maya Angelou, his inspiration from his mother, and his stardom that gave a platform for advocating for change. He also met with MoFo's 2014 Diversity Fellows, a group of nine minority 1L students the firm supports, talking to them about using their education to make the world a better place.

Justices at the National Portrait Gallery

Have you been at the National Portrait Gallery recently? On the second floor, we spotted this great portrait of the four past and present female justices of the Supreme Court. It was loaned by Ian and Annette Cumming, who commissioned it from artist Nelson Shanks. Justices Sandra Day O'Connor and Ruth Bader Ginsburg are seated (more seniority) in front of Justices Sonia Sotomayor and Elena Kagan. "The Four Justices" painting is a whopping nine and a half feet tall by almost eight feet wide, with an imposing gold frame. It makes a big impact—as do the justices it depicts. 

Wingate Hughes (OnTop) MLEGAL
Arent Fox (RE3) LEGAL

Send Us Your Pics: Family Business

Do you work with your father/wife/daughter/twin brother/second cousin twice removed? We have a new feature where we share pics of families who are making it work—working together. So, if you're lucky enough to not have to wait for Thanksgiving to see your family, and instead you get to see them at the water cooler ever day, don't keep it to yourself. Let us know! Here's an old adage we just made up: The family that sells together, gels together. Email us at Roksana@Bisnow.com

Bisnow (Hiring-People)

Battle of the Bands

Get ready for this year's Banding Together: Battle of the Law Firm Bands, on Thursday, June 26. Here's a snap from last year's show at the Black Cat (which starts at 7pm and lasts until well after midnight), with winning band The Unnamed Party, composed of lawyers from Paul Hastings, Hunton & Williams, and Arent Fox. Bands win by donating money that goes toward buying clothes for DC's homeless population. Last year, 18 bands raised $277K (winning band the Unnamed Party raised $47K). Can you top it this year?

What Are Your Kids
Doing This Weekend?

Bisnow is hosting kids ages 13 to 19 this Saturday at the much-buzzed-about Vox Media HQ in DC for a four-hour program to learn about being an entrepreneur. Vox's president Marty Moe plus two other cool young founders of white-hot start ups will talk with the kids and do exercises that give them info, insights, and fun at the same time. Your kids may already know Vox: it owns SB Nation (for sports nuts), The Verge (for tech nuts), and Vox.com (for news and politics nuts). For more info and sign up for Bisnow's GEN Z @ Vox here.

Do you use a treadmill desk or know somebody who does? Let us know at Roksana@Bisnow.com or @LegalBisnow



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