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December 4, 2012 
After Facebook,
Associations Get Pinned

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Email is so last year when it comes to associations getting info and resources to members. Pinterest has recently found a place in the hearts of many associations, especially those with lots of female members. So we talked to a few to get some tips.
ASCD's Katie Test
ASCD (an association for educators) got on Pinterest at the urging of one of its communications gurus Katie Test in June. She knew it was a place where the education association’s members were going to trade ideas and find resources. It serves as an electronic bulletin board where articles, photos, charts, and other online content can get pinned to an organization’s board. Since then ASCD has put up seven boards with over 800 pins, ranging from info on ASCD’s annual conference to inspirational teaching quotes. The page has picked up nearly 3,800 followers.
ASCD on Pinterest
Katie learned Pinterest through her personal account. But she also picked up tips since running the association’s account: Know your audience and what they need from your organization; talk to everyone within your organization about the Pinterest presence, including the legal department, marketing team, and graphic design people; and pin during your members’ core business hours. ASCD’s prime pinning hours are late afternoons when teachers are done teaching.
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association online community and social media manager Maggie McGary
American Speech-Language-Hearing Association social media manager Maggie McGary noticed the association’s website was getting lots of traffic from Pinterest. So it signed up a little over a year ago. It works well because of the association’s high concentration of speech language pathologists who overlap with teachers and Pinterest’s high interest from female users. It’s now leaped ahead of Facebook as a source of traffic to the ASHA blog and website, with nearly 6,000 followers.
ASHA on Pinterest
Managing ASHA’s Pinterest presence for over a year, Maggie picked up some tips as well: Start by searching on Pinterest for the various topics your organization covers and start following people; also search for your organization’s name and see if others have already been pinning your stuff; and even though Pinterest is very image driven, you can still pin content that’s not as visual using Chrome’s Shotpin extension. (It’s free in the Chrome webstore.)

Facial Hair Wins
If it seemed like everyone you knew grew a mustache last month, it’s because the Movember campaign had one its best years ever. (Or all your best friends are criminals on the lamb.) The organization, which has been raising money for men’s health for six years by getting men to grow mustaches and ask for donations, had 208,757 men and women participate, raising $18M. Grassroots engagement director Tom Whiteside tells us the campaign, which is the largest non-government funder of prostate cancer research in the world, appeals to that inner desire in most men to grow a mustache at some point in their life. They also like to compete to see who can raise more money and grow the craziest 'stache. “We find that often the worst mustaches are the ones that raise the most,” he says. This LA crew was snapped mid November.

Pitching For Charity
Troop ID's Holly Tennant
Twenty startups crammed into an Arlington conference room on Friday to pitch their business ideas to a standing-room-only crowd filled with business leaders. The startup with the highest votes for best pitch won money to donate to charity. The winner was Troop ID, a McLean, Va.-based company that provides digital verification of military credentials so that soldiers can receive discounts and benefits. Biz dev VP Holly Tennant revealed an interesting stat from Wired magazine: while there are only 2,500 active-duty Navy SEALs, about four million people claim to be current or former Navy SEALs. We're still waiting for comment from Why People Lie magazine
CinemaRama's Ryan Glynn
Each pitch received a 1-5 vote from judges along with a text vote from the 130 business people who came to watch, including CinemaRama founder Ryan Glynn. TroopID received $2,000 to give to the National Military family Association. Second place went to SeatJumper, which lets people upgrade their seat at arena events and third place went to Kinergy Health, an online healthcare community that lets doctors and caregivers share patient care info. Pitch for Charity was thrown by Arlington Economic Development and Startup Virginia.

Lots Of Giving Tuesday After T'Giving
Manna Food Center
The new Black Friday is Giving Tuesday. For the first time this year, the Tuesday after Thanksgiving was dedicated to charitable donations. And it worked out well for at least two Washington-area nonprofits. Manna Food Center development manager Allison Anderson says the Gaithersburg, Md., organization more than tripled its Tuesday after Thanksgiving raise from $620 last year to $1,875 this year.
The Fishing School
The Fishing School development and communications manager Abby Ransler says the Washington org picked up four new donors and raised $3,855. Both saw the day as a way to kick off the end-of-year giving season. And both said what worked was reaching out to supporters a few days before and throughout Giving Tuesday through email and social media to remind them of the campaign.

SOME Hope!
The Carlyle Group's Bill Conway, SOME CEO Father John Adams, and executive director Richard Gerlach
Our Scene reporters went to the 26th annual So Others Might Eat (SOME) Gala at the National Building Museum. Proceeds from the auctions benefited SOME's programs, including 30 homeless vets and their families. We snapped The Carlyle Group's CEO William Conway with SOME CEO Father John Adams and exec director Richard Gerlach.
Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer, Susan Schieffer, and artist Fred Kellogg
SOME awarded Face the Nation's Bob Schieffer and his wife Pat (not pictured) with the McKenna Humanitarian Award for their extraordinary generosity. He’s flanked by daughter Susan and artist Fred Kellogg.
AFL-CIO's Aida Mariam, Wiencek + Associate'sLaToya Thomas, and Build's Alia Peera.
SOME is an interfaith, community-based org that serves DC's poor and homeless with affordable housing, job training, andcounseling. Here, AFL-CIO's Aida Mariam, Wiencek + Associate'sLaToya Thomas, and Build's Alia Peera.

Hall Of Famers
IDI Group companies president Giuseppe Cecchi and EagleBank chair and CEO Ron Paul
Sure, Hollywood has its little academy awards, but Washington has its Business Hall of Fame. Congrats to this year's laureates, including IDI Group Companies president Giuseppe Cecchi and EagleBank chair and CEO Ron Paul. They, along with Patton Boggs chair Thomas Boggs Jr., DARCARS founder and president John Darvish, and Creative Associates International president and CEO M. Charito Kruvant, will be honored tonight at a black-tie dinner and awards ceremony. The event at the Washington Hilton benefits Junior Achievement of Greater Washington.
Is your organization throwing a holiday party? Send fun photos to Bisnow's Tania Anderson.
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