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Say Goodbye To The Office As You Know It

How the rise of the nomadic creative class will transform where, when and how we work.

Physical offices have always defined the working experience. But with the rise of mobile technology and the sharing economy, the tables have turned. A growing millennial workforce has shattered the traditional model of assigned desks and the nine-to-five. People can work from anywhere, at anytime, and that has commercial landlords rethinking asset ownership.

Offices of the future will need to be community gathering spaces, places where companies can attract and develop talent. Buildings will become smarter, integrating with personal devices to anticipate user demand. Owners will also have to adapt as shorter leases become the new normal, as company policies shift from always present to always connected.

Download this white paper by Ryan Simonetti, co-founder and CEO of Convene, to find out how you can survive.