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Data Center Sustainability & Energy Management

Washington DC | Air Date: August 13 | 2:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

Raiford Smith

Director, Energy Analytics & Markets, Google

Raiford Smith leads teams with global responsibility for Google’s data center energy supply, market development, and supply planning analytics. Mr. Smith is based out of Google’s o...

Karen Beachy (Moderator)

Senior VP, Growth & Strategy, Black Hills Energy

Karen Beachy was appointed Senior Vice President - Growth and Strategy effective Aug. 26, 2019, having previously served as Vice President - Growth and Strategy from 2018 to 2019,...

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Webinar Summary

  1. What are enterprise policies on sustainability and energy management?
  2. How are deployment strategies aligning with sustainability and energy management guidelines?
  3. With a new drive toward sustainability, how are data center owners adapting their operations regarding renewables and genset options?
  4. What new technologies (batteries, etc.) are firms looking to adopt in order to meet their sustainability goals?
  5. What strategies are enterprises using to help foster fruitful relationships with utilities in order to achieve their sustainability goals?

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