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Optimizing Your Office Portfolio with Smart Building Technology

San Francisco | Air Date: October 20 | 1:30 PM PDT

Featured Presenters

Ginny Miller

Ginny Miller

VP of Technology & Innovation, Jamestown Properties

Kevin Kirk

Kevin Kirk

Director of Engineering, Shorenstein

Michael Guimond

Michael Guimond (Moderator)

VP, West Coast, Bisnow Media


Webinar Summary

  1. What is a smart building and how can it benefit both owners and tenants?
  2. How can building safety features save money in the long run?
  3. What should owners be doing in order to prepare developments for the post-pandemic world?
  4. How can owners keep tenants safe when they return to the office?
  5. Which cybersecurity trends are hot right now and how can you hop on board?

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