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The Future of Healthcare Facilities

Philadelphia | Air Date: August 13 | 10:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

Alicia Wilson

VP, Economic Development, Johns Hopkins University & Health Systems

Alicia Wilson is the vice president for economic development at the Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Health System. She leads a core team driving Johns Hopkins’ strategy...

Dominique Casimir

Dominique Casimir

VP, Real Estate, Thomas Jefferson University


Webinar Summary

  1. Approximately five months into this pandemic, what are the major takeaways from how healthcare systems have responded?
  2. Have new hospital development plans been put on pause?
  3. Will future developments see an increase in isolation wards?
  4. How has technology helped doctors connect with patients remotely?
  5. If this pandemic does lead to a suburban boom, will there be enough healthcare facilities located outside major cities?

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