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Loan Workout Tips & Tricks

National | Air Date: September 15 | 11:30 AM PDT

Featured Presenters

Aron Youngerwood

Aron Youngerwood

Principal, Lucrum Realty

Aron leads Lucrum's real estate and debt advisory and restructuring platform. He has deep relationships within the real estate industry, including with lenders, servicers, investo...

Karen Stager

Karen Stager

, Atlas Capital Advisors

Leslie Lundin

Leslie Lundin (Major Retail Owner/Developer)

Managing Partner, LBG Real Estate

Leslie Lundin is co-founder and Managing Partner of LBG Real Estate Companies, LLC. Leslie is primarily responsible for overseeing all aspects of capital raising and reporting, as...

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Webinar Summary

  1. Tips and strategies for borrowers when seeking debt relief and working with lenders
  2. What borrowers are requesting of their lenders right now. And what lenders are agreeing to
  3. Different types of relief being given today
  4. CMBS loan workouts during the pandemic
  5. The process for modifying CMBS loans

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