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Data Center Capital Markets

National | Air Date: September 29 | 12:30 PM EDT

Featured Presenters

Johann-Christoph Balzer

Managing Director, EQT Partners

Christoph Balzer is a Managing Director at EQT Partners. Prior to joining EQT, he worked at Goldman Sachs in London and Frankfurt. He holds a master's degree in business administra...

Anton Moldan

Anton Moldan

Managing Director, Infrastructure & Real Assets, Macquarie Group


Webinar Summary

  1. What is the current investment landscape for digital infrastructure?
  2. How has the digital surge changed investment strategies? Have plans been expedited to meet the pace of demand?
  3. Where are telecom and fiber network deals being done?
  4. How do deals compare region to region? Are there trends in certain markets that lead to better returns?
  5. How are investors approaching the increase of infrastructure to support 5G?

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