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Los Angeles Architecture & Design Post Coronavirus

Los Angeles | Air Date: June 2 | 11:30 AM PDT

Featured Presenters

Barbara Bouza

Barbara Bouza

Managing Director, Principal, Gensler

Barbara is Co-Managing Director, Principal of Gensler Los Angeles and has been a global influencer for human wellbeing through design excellence. Gensler is widely recognized as th...

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John Parker

CEO & Co-Founder, Parker Brown

Ireland’s loss was Southern California’s gain. The co-founder of our company is the garrulous Irishman John Parker. On the surface, he is an easy-going gentleman. On the job, he is...

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Webinar Summary

  1. Beyond the often-used “elevator button and touchless access” example, what are some immediate changes builders and designers plan to implement to existing and new products across Los Angeles?
  2. How can builders and designers leverage technology, virtually and on-site, as they renovate, reimagine and redesign existing buildings within our city?
  3. As cities potentially pull away from open public spaces, what tools do architects have at their disposal to ensure these spaces remain a priority in our communities?
  4. Will the pendulum swing away from urbanism, bolstering smaller cities and rural areas around Los Angeles?
  5. What are some of the unique challenges LA poses to designers that other cities don't?

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