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A SoCal Industrial CRE Check-In

Los Angeles | Air Date: June 9 | 11:30 AM PDT

Featured Presenters

Howard Schwimmer

Howard Schwimmer

CEO, Rexford Industrial

Mr. Schwimmer serves as Rexford Industrial's Co-Chief Executive Officer and on our Board of Directors since July 2013. Mr. Schwimmer has served as Co-Founder and Senior Managing Pa...

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Brett Dedeaux

Brett Dedeaux

Principal and Manager, Dedeaux Properties

Brett Dedeaux serves as President of Dedeaux Properties LLC., a Los Angeles-based logistics real estate investment development, and asset management firm controlling a portfolio of...

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Kurt Strasmann

Kurt Strasmann (Moderator)

Executive Managing Director, CBRE

Mr. Strasmann is the Executive Managing Director of CBRE’s Orange County Operations as well as the functional Southern California Industrial & Logistics Market Leader. Mr. Strasma...

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Webinar Summary

  1. What impact has coronavirus and the accompanying slow down in global trade and port volumes done to Southern California’s existing industrial product?
  2. What has the coronavirus and the rapid change in consumer demands and habits done to the demand for new industrial products?
  3. Will there need to be design changes to meet new tenant demands driven by increased on-site activity and inventory?
  4. What impact will recent bankruptcies - JCPenney, Neiman Marcus, J. Crew - have upstream on industrial real estate? Do experts expect a greater impact as more are likely to come?
  5. Is the “Just in Time” model still viable going forward or do industrial asset holders think tenants will reconfigure their supply chains and inventory management processes?

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