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The Impact Of Covid On Irish Landlord & Tenant Disputes: Roads To Resolution

Wed May 12, 2021

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The Impact Of Covid On Irish Landlord & Tenant Disputes: Roads To Resolution

Wednesday May 12 2021 | 1:30 PM BST

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Why This Matters

What You'll Learn: 

  1. How does the current situation compare with the crash of 10 years ago - lessons learned and are they being applied?
  2. How does the Code of Conduct between landlords and tenants for commercial rents impact on their relationship?
  3. What are the nature of the deals that are being done between landlords and tenants?
  4. What are the impacts of turnover rents for both a landlord and a tenant?
  5. Has ESG and the drive to net zero impacted the landlord and tenant relationship?

How You'll Do More Business: The current crisis requires landlords and tenants to collaborate together in a cohesive and effective way. They will do this by adopting and agreeing commercially sound resolutions that will work for all parties. In this 45 minute panel discussion our panellists will explore the short and long-term strategies being implemented, lessons learnt from the previous financial crisis, the impact of the Code of Conduct,  reliance or not on force majeure or breach of covenants, the opportunities these present and how parties are overcoming the challenges. As well as ESG and the drive to net zero and how it is impacting the landlord and tenant relationship with green clauses, upgrades of property and more. 


Who Attends: Investors, owners, developers, tenants, agents and advisors. 


Why You Should Attend: Bisnow events bring together the biggest power players in the industry to identify opportunities, build your network, and expand your business. With the largest audience of commercial real estate professionals in the world, no one knows how to help your business more than us.