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How Will Multifamily Evolve?

Dallas-Ft. Worth | Air Date: July 30 | 2:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Jeffrey Kok

Jeffrey Kok

CIO, Mill Creek Residential

Jeffrey D. Kok serves as the Chief Innovation Officer and Chief Information Officer for Mill Creek Residential. He is the chair of the Innovation Committee and a member of the Audi...

Dan O'Connell

Vice President of Consumer Sales, CenturyLink

O’Connell joined CenturyLink in 2018, with more than 30 years of experience in the telecommunications and cable industries. The majority of those years were spent in senior leaders...

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Webinar Summary

  1. In a post-pandemic world, how will technology impact how we interact, manage and use space in the multifamily sector?
  2. What are some immediate steps owners and property managers can take to ensure their assets have sufficient connectivity and technology?
  3. How will residents' preference change as a response to the coronavirus? Will amenities be more service oriented?
  4. What immediate changes have you made to your properties to make residents feel safe? Will you adopt these in your future projects?
  5. What new tech have owners and property managers used during the pandemic and will they continue to use it once this is behind us?

Webinar Summary



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