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Dallas-Ft. Worth | Air Date: September 24 | 12:30 PM CDT

Featured Presenters

Mace McClatchy

Mace McClatchy

Market Officer & SVP, Black Creek Group

Sarah LanCarte

Sarah LanCarte

President, LanCarte Commercial Real Estate

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Webinar Summary

  1. Industrial is the prized asset class at the moment. What DFW submarket would you say is the most active when it comes to industrial? Which market do you see emerging as the next industrial hub?
  2. How sustainable are demand drivers like e-commerce and the reshoring of manufacturing, and can those outlast the pandemic?
  3. What are a few new design features you are seeing developers ask for and how are they getting creative with land constraints?
  4. Where value-add opportunities are available for investors in the DFW industrial market?
  5. Multi-story warehouses, drones, robotics and more have been referred to as the future of Industrial for years now. When it comes to industrial projects what really drives innovation? What is the future we can’t see?

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