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Dallas Healthcare Update

Dallas-Ft. Worth | Air Date: June 30 | 11:30 AM CDT

Featured Presenters

Pamela Stoyanoff

Pamela Stoyanoff

COO, Methodist Health System

Pam Stoyanoff is an executive vice president and chief operating officer for Methodist Health System with operational accountability for information technology, materials managemen...

Webinar Summary

  1. What behavioral and operational changes could have a long-lasting impact on the healthcare industry post-pandemic?
  2. What steps need to be taken now to prepare for the future and or another crisis?
  3. What is unique about DFW healthcare market? Does it make it more or less receptive to adapt to the current market challenges?
  4. Development and investment outlook: Where is there opportunity for growth?
  5. How are healthcare industries adapting to the recent spike in coronavirus cases? How are you preparing for a possible bed shortage?

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