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Fresh Air And Daylight: The Importance of Building Wellness

Boston | Air Date: October 13 | 11:30 AM EDT

Featured Presenters

Karen Gill

Omni-Channel Workplace Experience Transformation Lead, Fidelity Investments

Karen R. Gill is the Vice President of Global Workplace Strategy and The Change Management Program Manager for Fidelity Investment’s, headquartered in Boston, Ma. Karen embraces...

Anne Peck

Anne Peck

VP, Architecture & Engineering Group, AEW

Ms. Peck has the corporate title of Vice President and is the head of AEW’s Architecture & Engineering group. She manages the small group of architects and engineers who overs...

Mike Lane

Mike Lane

Regional Director, SageGlass

Dailey Tipton

VP, Evolution Energy Partners

Dailey Tipton has spent many years in senior positions of management where he is recognized for his expertise in energy and sustainability. He has a long history of growing compani...


Webinar Summary

  1. How can lighting improve the health and wellbeing of building occupants?
  2. Air quality is known to increase cognitive function and performance in the workplace. What new HVAC solutions are being explored to support better air quality?
  3. How do WELL standards for modern developments support the changes owners will need to make to keep tenants safe during and after the pandemic?
  4. How can vegetation and water systems inside of workspaces be improved to help boost the wellbeing of occupants?
  5. What new technologies are being utilized to create healthier spaces? ​

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