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DC Government Announces 13 New Affordable Housing Projects


As part of its affordable housing initiative, the DC government this year has spent a record $106M of its Housing Protection Trust Fund money and the District currently has a pipeline of over 5,300 affordable units

Yesterday, the District announced 13 more developments it has selected from the RFP process to receive money from the trust fund. The projects will create and preserve more than 1,200 affordable units in total. The combined estimated development cost totals more than $400M, of which the District is subsidizing $107.9M.

Just as Enterprise Community Investment CEO Charlie Werhane emphasized the importance of balancing production with preservation at BMAC last month, Mayor Muriel Bowser yesterday said the District must work to prevent existing affordable housing from being demolished. 

"Production is only half of the equation," Bowser said at a press conference. "Preservation has to be on our minds and part of our policy and programs as well. We are very clear that we have 13,000 affordable housing units using federal or local subsidies that are threatened with expirations."

Here are the projects and developers receiving the trust fund money, along with the number of units and the projects' total development cost: 

New production projects: 

  • Abrams Hall on the Walter Reed campus in Ward 4, being developed by Urban Atlantic and Hines80 units, $24.5M.
  • 1164 Bladensburg Road NE in Ward 5 being developed by Neighborhood Development Co and Arten Bladensburg: 63 units, $21.7M.
  • Diane's House at 2619 Bladensburg Road NE in Ward 5 being developed by Flaherty & Collins Development and Diane’s House Ministries: 42 units, $11.2M.
  • Liberty Place Apartments in Ward 6 being developed by the National Housing Trust, Enterprise Preservation Corp and IBF Development: 67 units, $28M.
  • St. Elizabeth’s East housing at 1000 Alabama Ave SE in Ward 8 being developed by Anacostia Economic Development Corp and Flaherty & Collins Development: 252 units, $99M.
  • City View at 2850 Douglas Place SE in Ward 8 being developed by WC Smith, 58 units, $17.3M.
  • Parkway Overlook Apartments at 2707-2715 Robinson Place SE in Ward 8, being developed by the DC Housing Authority: 220 units, $62M.

Preservation projects:

  • 5610 Colorado AVE NW in Ward 4 being developed by 5610 Colorado AVE NW Cooperative Inc: 36 units, $7.4M.
  • Fort Stevens Place Apartments at 1339 Ford Stevens Drive NW in Ward 4 being developed by Community Housing Inc: 59 units, $17.6M.
  • Partner Arms 2 at 4506 Georgia Ave in Ward 4 being developed by Transitional Housing Corp: 12 units, $2.8M.
  • Brookland place apartments at 617 Hamlin St NE in Ward 5 being developed by Wesley Housing Development Corp: 80 units, $20.4M.
  • Delta Towers at 1400 Florida Ave NE in Ward 5 being developed by Dantes Partners and Fort Lincoln New Town Corp: 150 units, $65.2M.
  • Maplewood Courts at 2300-2308 Hartford St SE in Ward 8 being developed by Hopmeadow Development: 94 units, $22.5M.