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Facebook's Oculus Files For $106M In Construction, Development Permits In Redmond

Facebook's Oculus will invest $106M in Redmond.

Oculus has filed for $106M worth of building permits in the Redmond area since 2015, with the bulk of those this year. The company, which is owned by Facebook, has filed $88.5M worth of permits since January.

The surge in permit requests corresponds to Mark Zuckerberg's October announcement that he wants to get 1 billion virtual reality users. Oculus VR is a virtual reality company that was purchased by Facebook in March 2014 for $3B.

The permit information was compiled by BuildZoom, a contractor referral firm.

Most of the construction and building permits filed were for property on Willows Road in Redmond.

The majority of the Redmond permits are for property on Willows Road NE. Two are for property on 148th Avenue NE and one was for a 95th Street address. The majority of the construction projects are for the development of office and laboratory space.