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Millennials Can't Afford Much in San Francisco


San Francisco's Millennials can afford to buy a home—as long as it's around 135 SF.

That was the takeaway from a report by SmartAsset, a personal finance company, that looked at the buying power of Millennials based on their median income and median net worth pitted against median home value, reports Curbed.

In the 23-city study, San Francisco had the worst level of affordability, followed by New York, where the home size would be 165 SF; Denver at 173 SF; Washington, DC, at 218 SF; and Los Angeles at 297 SF.

In Q3 2015, 35.8% of adults under the age of 35 owned homes, down from 39.1% in 1995 and 43% in 2005. [Curbed]