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Tech-Savvy Tenants Will Determine The Future Of Office Space

Ten years ago, few were predicting the rise of creative office space or the popularity of open floor plans. Ten years from now — or even in a few years — the shape of office will have changed again to meet the fast-changing demands of tenants that are increasingly exacting about their needs, thanks to Big Data and the Internet of Things.


ViaWest Group founding partner Steven Schwarz said office space is constantly evolving. "Between technology, entrepreneurism and work/life balance, I believe that what people are doing today will not be how they are doing it 10 years from now," he said. 

"Right now the trend to open, flexible spaces is predominant; however, in my opinion, some companies are following this trend that shouldn’t." 

Rather than reacting to the latest trends, companies in the future will spend more time studying precisely how the organization functions and identifying how space needs coincide with their objectives and desired environment, Schwarz said.


“Future office space will include private offices, collaborative space, smaller workstation footprints, outdoor amenity space, sit-to-stand desks and other ergonomic tools to promote wellness in the office," Rockefeller Group vice president and regional director Mark Singerman said.

"Low cube wall heights, quiet huddle spaces, access to daylight and mobility, and a more residential feel will blur the lines between home and office.”

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