Residents are always on their phones and so now you've decided to join them there: you're going to build an mobile app for your properties. This raises an important question: do it in-house or work with a company like Mobile Doorman who makes apps specifically for this use case? Here are some of the key issues you should consider when determining the answer.



Building an app is not just a coder working magic in a dark room. Here's a list of people you will need: someone to determine the user experience, someone to design the app's screens, people to test the app, a project manager, and of course you need programmers. It adds up! Mobile Doorman has already done all of this work.



Once the app is built, the work on it is just getting started. Just like a property, the app has to be maintained, features tweaked, and bugs squashed. When Apple and Android release updates to their operating systems, someone needs to make sure the app will still function properly. Do you have the resources to dedicate people to this? Mobile Doorman does.



Want to use your own branding and colors in the app? Mobile Doorman can do that for you! Need a unique feature at your property? No problem! Want to offer another vendor's services in the app? Done and done! With Mobile Doorman your app will look, feel, and work just like, well, yours.




Training and support

Your app should provide a simple, self-explanatory user experience, but as with anything questions arise. Your leasing manager is already busy enough, she shouldn't have to be tech support, too. Leave this to people who build apps for a living.


Core competency

Are you trying to become a real estate and technology company? If so, awesome! But if you're trying to stick to the business in which you have been incredibly successful all these years, you can do that while still offering a great app to your residents. Why not use a company like Mobile Doorman whose core competency is building apps for residential properties?