Top 10 Stick-to-Your Ribs Dishes We're Thankful For
November 26, 2014

Top 10 Stick-to-Your Ribs Dishes
We're Thankful For

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Thanksgiving is here, football games now require hand-warmers and DC is gearing up for another long winter. To make things just a little bit better, here are 10 stand-out dishes that'll warm you right up.

The Oval RoomBeef Cheeks

Smile. Executive Chef Tony Conte hails from Connecticut and knows how to treat a chill in the air by putting something tasty on a plate. He braises Creekstone Farms beef for three hours before nesting it on top of spiced butternut squash grits. If you haven't tried beef cheeks, they mimic the fall-apart texture of short ribs. To lighten things up, Tony finishes the dish with fennel, orange and an herb salad. This $26 plate is available at lunch only.

Cardinal (HalfYard) DINE

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Le Diplomate—Braised Lamb

You're probably thinking, why stray from the beef bourguignon? One bite from the delicious bowl filled with braised lamb, Moroccan cous cous, Harissa and yogurt and you'll understand. Sure, it might sound like an advanced rice bowl from Cava Grill, but its layers of flavor are unmatched on the menu. It's not just the bowl of braised lamb that'll keep you warm in Le Diplomate. The atmosphere and energy also help with the thawing. So does a big glass of Bordeaux. 


The Partisan—Rabbit Pot Pie

The Partisan

In just one year of operation, The Partisan has established itself as an authority on meat. Its charcuterie program wows because of its variety, and the remainder of the menu is full of surprises like lamb ribs or cocoa and coffee spiced quail. But, the clear winter warmer is the $21 rabbit pot pie. Tender meat gets a beaumes de venise braise and the whole dish hides behind a bacon fat biscuit crust. Chefs Ed Witt and Nathan Anda wouldn't dare serve you plain pot pie.


Ambar – Veal Stew

Visit DC's Balkan restaurant on Barracks Row to try ribic, a traditional veal stew with sautéed root vegetables. Much like how Americans add a dollop of sour cream to chili or black been soup, Serbs adorn stew with “kajmak,” a milk skin spread that's a delicious byproduct of the cheese making process. Specifically, it's the layer of milk fat that rises to the top. Ambar is a small plates spot, so don't expect an enormous bowl for $12. Fortunately, this means you can try other dishes too. Pair the veal stew with rakia—a fruit brandy unique to the Balkans.

Malmaison (BYOB2) DINE

2941 Restaurant—
Duck Cassoulet

Sure cassoulet has humble origins as a slow cooked casserole from France, but leave it to Chef Bertrand Chemel to class up this hearty winter staple. He combines braised Tarbais beans, house made duck and pork sausage, a roasted duck confit breast and Swiss chard. Warm up to the challenge by starting with Bertrand's foie gras appetizer. If you're like us, you might have to sleep sitting up after this one.

2941 Restaurant

Et Voila—Venison Stew

This Palisades' Belgian restaurant's got game. Literally. Chef/Owner Claudio Pirollo debuted a game menu this month just in time for colder temps. The star is his venison stew. A venison leg is cut and marinated in red wine and spices for 48 hours before being served with a wintery side like black trumpet mushrooms and chestnut papardelle or onion-studded spätzle served in a mini crock pot. 

Vida (BlackFriday2014) DINE

The Red Hen—Mezze Rigatoni

This dish should conjure up a gourmet childhood snow day. What's become The Red Hen's signature dish has the basic flavors of a comforting bowl of mom's pasta or even perhaps tomato soup and grilled cheese. Of course Chef Mike Friedman elevates it. (Sorry, Mom.) Rigatoni tubes are dressed in a fennel sausage ragu, a tangy tomato-based sauce and a dusting of Pecorino Romano cheese. The menu is constantly changing and evolving at the Bloomingdale anchor spot, but to date, we haven't seen this dish take a vacation. 


DBGB Kitchen + Bar—
Coq Au Vin

People have been warming up with Coq Au Vin for over a century (and maybe even longer). Order yourself a piping hot bowl at DBGB Kitchen + Bar. Chicken comingles with the traditional components of mushrooms, lardons and pearl onions, all glazed in a wine reduction. Serving as the perfect side is house made spätzle because it absorbs the rich flavors. Perhaps start out with fall squash soup flavored by garam masala, pepita and pumpkin seed oil.

Greg Powers

Proof—Roasted Duck Breast

Chef Haidar Karoum says duck is his favorite protein. One can see why after a bite of his seasonally driven roasted duck breast dish. Pekin duck breast slices nestle in to a warm bed of pumpkin risotto boosted by ham hock broth. Pekin is not a Peking typo. Rather, it's a white duckling native to Long Island. Adding texture are pumpkin seeds sautéed in duck fat, duck skin cracklings, diced apples and butternut squash bits. Rounding things out are wisps of fried collard greens. Haidar expects the dish to stay on the menu at least one more month, but maybe through winter. 

Toro Toro (Open) DINE

Pearl Dive Oyster Palace—
Fried Chicken Dinner

Scott Suchman

A little Southern comfort food will do more than stick to your ribs. It'll prepare you for hibernation. Pearl Dive Chef Colleen Conrad braises Pennsylvania Amish dark chicken meat, then coats it in buttermilk and seasoned flour before deep-frying it. The bird is served with salt roasted potatoes, bacon braised collard greens and creamy coleslaw, rounding out the kind of fried chicken dinner you'd find further south of the Mason-Dixon line. Get it at dinner or brunch for $19. 

Bisnow (Healthy)

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