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Scott Stringer Slams Discriminatory Landlords


City Controller Scott Stringer (above, with New York State Sen. Jose Peralta) has taken landlords to task for illegally discriminating against tenants who receive government aid. Ads for properties on Craigslist—some in Brooklyn, including East Flatbush and Coney Island—have boldly stated they will not take Section 8 vouchers.

On Tuesday, Stringer demanded that the city's Commission on Human Rights go after landlords who openly ignore the law, which was passed in 2008 to bar them from discriminating against tenants based on their “lawful source of income," according to the New York Daily News.

Mayor Bill de Blasio has also complained that some landlords are declining to participate in the Living in Communities (LINC) program, which seeks to move homeless families from shelters into apartments. The Legal Aid Society recently sued Brooklyn's Starrett City over this issue. [NYDN]