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New 3D Menu Tech Could Send Millennials Flocking To Restaurants In 2018


New technology will allow people to view restaurant meals in an immersive 3D experience before they order. The same technology also will be applied to previewing home and office spaces.

HoloLamp, which is a portable, glasses-free augmented reality device, will soon launch with two new solutions aimed to improve the customer experience in both the hospitality and real estate sectors.

The restaurant and real estate industries are ripe for new technology that will not only create better experiences, but also increase efficiency. HoloLamp is making this a reality with our new applications,” HoloLamp founder Guillaume Chican said in a statement.

The first solution, called the HoloLamp Menu, has been created with restaurants in mind and will sit on top of a table to allow customers to choose items and view the dishes to scale as if they were directly in front of them.

In addition to allowing visitors to view the dishes, the technology also creates a story about the meal to provide a full experience before guests even take a bite.

The second solution, HoloLamp Design, will be used primarily for real estate and will project 3D buildings onto a table, allowing the user to view the rendering from all different angles. It will also empower viewers to zoom in and out and change the materials of the building by simply gesturing with their hands.

Both devices are slated for deployment in Q2.