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6 Podcasts Business Execs Will Love

National Technology

Whether your final destination this holiday season is at the in-laws’ house on the other side of the country or your own living room, you’re likely to have some time to kill while traveling or relaxing. Brush up on business ideas or arm yourself with interesting dinner conversation topics with these podcasts.



This podcast isn’t so much about business as it is about social trends and life paradoxes. Host Stephen Dubner first made a name for himself as an economic journalist who published Freakonomics, a book with economist Steven Levitt, in 2009. Dubner answers seemingly unanswerable questions, such as: Why do people keep having children? or Is the internet being ruined?, and polls researchers with tons of data at their disposal to curate an interesting conversation about politics, business or social science.

Start with: Why Uber Is An Economist’s Dream

TED Talks Business

TED gets the best of the best for its videocasts, each hosted by a different lecturer. Pick and choose titles that look interesting or follow specific playlists on Counterintuitive Career Advice, What makes business work? or many others. Plus, TED’s website makes it easy to sort by podcast duration, relevance or lecturer. 

Start with: Dan Ariely’s What makes us feel good about our work?

The Commercial Real Estate Show

Host Michael Bull brings together a slew of researchers and industry leaders to talk real estate forecasts, market insights and strategies. These 40-minute episodes cover a national view of real estate, great for lifting your head up from your own market and seeing a bigger world view. Bull talks about which associations and networking organizations matter, 24-hour cities, rising interest rates and more in these weekly episodes. 

Start with: PwC/ULI Emerging Trends in Real Estate 2017

HBR IdeaCast

Harvard Business Review’s podcast covers a range of topics, but hones in on business theories. Through interviews with Harvard professors, renowned economists and industry leaders, IdeaCast takes on high-level topics that make for great dinner table talk. 

Start with: Best of the IdeaCast

The $100 MBA

Host Omar Zenhom uses real-world business anecdotes to teach valuable marketing, technology, management and general business lessons. Zenhom interviews guests, answers listener questions, and summarizes business books on topics from firing employees to growth hacks to productivity. These podcasts run only 10 minutes, making them very digestible for even the busiest listeners. 

Start with: The #1 Growth Hack That Has Helped Me

NPR’s How I Built This

Host Guy Raz interviews innovators, entrepreneurs and idealists on (you guessed it) how they built their companies and the paths they took to get there. Raz spends about 30 to 40 minutes with each guest retracing their backgrounds and what makes them successful. NPR launched this podcast in September and has already interviewed big names such as Mark Cuban, Airbnb’s Joe Gebbia and Samuel Adams’ Jim Koch.

Start with: Southwest Airlines: Herb Kelleher

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