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Why You Need To Invest In Package Management

    In the world of digital shopping and home offices, the need for a well-oiled package reception strategy is stronger than it has ever been. 

    UPS moves about 18 million packages per day and FedEx is not far behind. This staggering volume of deliveries is not likely to trend downwards anytime soon. 

    Is your property portfolio prepared to ensure a seamless and efficient distribution of packages to residents? Is your current process secure? 

    Bisnow caught up with The Postal Solutions Companies, which has logged over 3.5 million packages via more than 200,000 active users with its package management software, to discuss the options property managers have for managing delivery.

    From package management software to electronic package lockers and secure storage rooms, we'll learn about each so management companies can decide which works best for their various property types. 

    Here's what they had to say:

    The number of packages that your residents are receiving require time and manpower to wrangle and distribute properly. The job is tough enough when recipients pick up their deliveries on a regular basis at the central drop-off point. 

    But what about when they don't? How are you going to make sure they know to check for their parcels? 

    PackageLog automates this process, which saves property managers and owners time. Instead of manually emailing, calling or leaving notes on doors, the software sends both email and text alerts to residents who have a package waiting for them. It will even handle return-to-sender packages.

    PackageLog's ScanCam feature allows users to easily log packages by simply taking a picture of the label. Studies have shown users save up to 90% of time spent on packages using PackageLog compared to doing it by hand.
    Check out this video for a quick demonstration.

    Recently, Postal Solutions expanded its service by teaming up with San Francisco-based Luxer One, which is the only package management solution that accepts 100% of packages.

    These packages can be stored in individual lockers for each resident, which is a compelling option for properties that are searching for an automated solution that puts more responsibility into the residents' hands.

    They may also be stowed in large, secure storage rooms. These rooms are outfitted with security cameras and are accessible only by credentialed individuals.

    “We know that package management issues come in many shapes and sizes,” says The Postal Solution Companies CEO Craig Meddin. “As a result, we want to provide multifamily communities with options when it comes to solving their package problems. Partnering with Luxer One allows us to offer a best-in-class suite of solutions for properties that now includes our inbound package logging software PackageLog, and also Luxer One’s automated package room technology, secure package lockers, and their patented dry cleaning lockers.”

    Luxer One CEO Arik Levy is equally impressed with Postal Solutions.

    “As a technology company, we recognize excellent software when we see it,” Arik says. “Logware is a collection of elegant and effective software solutions. We’re pleased to work with Postal Solutions to offer the most advanced technologies on the market today, and most importantly, to help our customers win in their communities.”

    While the full room option is quite popular, the individual locker option offers several advantages to property owners looking to further streamline package delivery. 

    The installation of the lockers can be recorded as a capital expense. Also, the annual recurring cost of an employee's salary and benefits far exceeds the recurring cost of supplying electronic lockers. Thus, the automated system is often more cost effective than bringing on a human package concierge. 

    A reduction of human error and overhead makes this an investment that is worth strong consideration.

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