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Bisnow Survey: What Do You Think Comes Next For Offices?


It's the nagging question that just won't go away: Where do you stand when it comes to returning to the office?

Prior to the pandemic, many of us could never have contemplated a world in which we were not at the office five days a week. Remote work? Flexible schedules? In your dreams. WFH forever? No way.

However, for many people, remote work and working-on-the-go have been the norm for years, so the past 18 months for most of them was a breeze — that is, if you consider lockdowns imposed by a pandemic easy street.

The truth is the debate regarding the return to office, as exhausting as it might be, is important because the implications of what happens next could have far-reaching consequences. The future of property values, local economies, downtowns, cities, office cultures, workforce productivity and the historic constructs of society and how people conduct their lives — professional and personal — are on the line.

What happens next matters and Bisnow wants to know what you think will happen next. Thank you for your time.



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